Who we are?


Grupo Libertario Vía Libre is a revolutionary political group with a Libertarian Communist tendency that operates in Bogotá, Colombia. The organization was born in June 2010 with the goal of infusing an Anarchist-Communist perspective into the class struggle and the struggles of other oppressed social sectors regionally and globally.

In that sense, Vía Libre is heavily influenced by the international tradition of social and organizational anarchism, and the rich and diverse history of working class and popular struggles in Colombia, Latin America, and the world.

Therefore, we promote social practices such as horizontality, class struggle, direct action and grassroots organizing among the oppressed in order to promote social self-management and build working class and popular power moving toward to the Social Revolution, with an anti-capitalist and anti-statist perspective, and thereby toward a free and egalitarian society.

Vía Libre organizes in different social spheres such as the student movement, alternative media, and the educational movement through Popular Education programs, with a perspective oriented around social insertion and grassroots work, aiming to stimulate the growth and development of these sectors and their convergence and unification in the working class and popular struggle.


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